Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Good morning Blogtoberfest!

Blogtoberfest is here and it always brings new visitors to this little blog, so welcome, how do you do?Let me show you around.
Hint. This is not really us. We wish!
The sister outlaws make craft kits called re-sew-cool from recycled material. They are little sewing projects to make bag-tags and brooches.


We hot wash jumpers to make felt, sometimes dye it, cut it up add patterns and illustrated instruction and put everything you will need, from our wonderful stash of treasure – vintage ric rac and trims and a huge treasure trove of buttons -  and package them up.  We do all this in a studio at the back of my house.


This blog also explores the stuff happens around and in between the re-sew-cool process. Creative ideas, designing new products, craft happening with the leftovers, other artists we are admiring and a lot of crochet. I also make things under a label “sweet by and by” so there  are some accessories and home wares that take the limelight some days. 

Latch hooked cushion from felted jumpers

Sweet by and by necklace

Our craftversation covers everything from family life, the past, feminism, politics, sustainability. Sometimes a tutorial.  Sometimes a crochet pattern. Occasionally there is a rant. Occasionally there is a story....Like life, there’s no rhyme or reason.

sweet by and by necklace
So welcome visitors – feel free to look around, click around, sit down for a while and chat or just wander through. Please leave a comment and say hello and join in our craftversation.


  1. Hi Julianne,
    I just finished posting my Blogtoberfest post too. Now I need to get my giveaway together. How about giving us a chance to win that little tree at the top of your blog in the header. I just love that little tree. I guess because it reminds me of you :)

  2. Hi Julianne,
    I would like one of those crochet bauble necklaces - how do I buy one? Or a few... Good Christmas presents!

  3. Wow you are busy beavers....will have to pop back and check you out over the month. xx

  4. oooh I am loving sister outlaws!!!