Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DIY Patterned Jeans

Are you like me? Does Spring makes you restless for new clothes?
Do you look at your Spring/Summer wardrobe and groan and wish for an update? I look through what I have and see what I can re-fashion. 

Dark Jeans:
My black jeans were bleach damaged so I decided to make the flaw a feature. 
(I used to bleach words onto jeans in my youth - back then it was anarchy signs, names of pop stars and other such funny punk things.)

This time I used a much more ordered approach(see! I have grown up!) I used a plastic stencil and covered the jeans in numbers and letters.

1.Place something inside the jeans to prevent the bleach going right through both sides. I used a small cardboard box.

2. Use a synthetic brush that won't get eaten away by the bleach.

3. Wipe the stencil after each use with paper towel before placing it back onto the jeans.

4. Put them in the washing machine to rinse and spin.

Voila! Instant patterned jeans! Not quite the Gorman ones I wanted last year but the price tag is much better!


  1. Oh! They look great! Spring does make me restless for new clothes - I bought a ridiculous mid-life crisis dress which is called 'Tango' - it has tassles on the sleeves and it's a mini!

    1. Wow! Tassles! How very Dolly! For some reason I picture your "tango" dress as being bright orange???

  2. Nup. Black with a very bright floral sash/waist tie thing. The insides of the sleeves are lined with the same floral fabric and fold back so you can see it. Orange is one of my favourite colours, though! P.S. Kneebone's works are quite large and striking, and incredibly intricate.

  3. What a great idea! You could probably use this on anything that is ruined. I have a couple of shirts I've ruined with bleach while doing the wash. I could continue bleaching designs on them. Yes!