Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Creative Space: Balsa wood beads

Yes I know I shouldn't be starting another  project but our new little drill was calling me! 
"Come here!" it called "Use me! Press my button! I'm fun and useful!"
And it wasn't lying. It even shines a light on what you are drilling! Whoa!
So. What to drill? These little craft blocks of (sustainable plantation grown) balsa wood were calling me too.
 "Drill me" they called! "Drench me in colour!" they added. "We need a makeover! Transform me into something pretty!"*
So I did.
 Using Landscape Dyes I soaked those little blocks in colour and simmered.
They sure were thirsty and soaked up the colour! I did try some ombre dip dying but the wood was too porous and the effect didn't work.
  Hmmm. It's hard to take a photo of simmering...
For the record, I rinsed them well, and they dried out quite quickly without losing shape or getting warped. Phew!
I also made sure they didn't leach any colour onto the skin when wet! Didn't they turn into bright and happy little things?

 Now it's a simple matter of stringing them onto chain (or whatever you wanted to use). I put a wooden bead between them.
 I like a long necklace (partly because I am, ahem, very flat chested - yes which makes my obsession with Dolly Parton even sadder) but I have also ordered some shorter chains which I think will look good.

 Head over to My Creative Space and see what everyone is up to!

*should I worry than inanimate objects are calling to me???


  1. Awesome colours!!
    And no don't worry about inanimate objects having a chat. there will be a few of us in the loony bin

  2. I love the colours too. Am I the only one who didn't know what ombre was until recently?

    1.! It's been a big trend for a while now. Onmbre tights, ombre hair, ombre denim - you name it, it's been ombred! Although I do recall Prada doing a dip dyeing affect around 7 years ago - which I think was the beginning?

  3. Gorgeous! Loving the pink and green.

  4. Great idea and your necklaces look wonderful. Love the colors too!

  5. Yaaaaay! These are fabulous!!! Loving the colours!! :-)

    1. Yes you are using the landscape dyes too huh? They are such rich hues!