Friday, October 19, 2012

F.T.F...well almost.

I attempted to have a Finish Things Friday - and almost got there. I finished these recycled felt sugar skulls and flowers for a garland...
but they didn't quite make it onto the string yet.

Last year I made these with the sewing machine.This year I hand stitched (and glued) them. Yes it takes more time but it was so much more enjoyable. I sat and stitched in the back yard on a warm afternoon while my legs were used for the game of elastics the kids were playing.

Magpies warbled and wattle birds yodeled. We did a bit of warbling and yodeling too.

Do you remember elastics? What was the routine? Ours was: over right string, over the left string (twice) then in the middle and over both strings (twice) then a criss- cross move and out. I also remember the routine of landing on the strings but the little ones found that a bit tricky. I must say that my ankles are not as bouncy as they used to be!

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