Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 7 Fight Dementia Challenge I crocheted my cortex!

 No. Really. See?
 I really did crochet my brain
My brain is plastic - crocheted from recycled plastic bags. Because your brain has a plasticity that is inspiring. You can mend it and bend and tangle it and untangle it - you can improve your brain no matter what age you are. I've enjoyed challenging my brain each day with crochet during Alzheimer's Awareness Week. Craft has endless ways to extend our skills and take us on a ride on a steep roller coaster learning curve.

So keep challenging yourself and trying new things. It's exciting! Love your brain!


  1. The brain has never been so beautiful or so plastic! I can't even begin to imagine how you made this. It makes me think of so many things - sea foam, fluffy clouds, intricate underground tunnels, and the endless possibilities for keeping this essential and treasured organ healthy and happy. I love my brain! And yours!

  2. A left side AND right side masterpiece!!!

  3. bless my limbic system that is so cute!