Saturday, October 20, 2012

Linky post

A friend and I who email each other most days, recently realised our communication had deteriorated into a series of links. Interesting links. But still. Just links. I must write him a letter.

Sometimes you can be overwhelmed by all the interesting "stuff" out there. Twitter gives you a constant stream - no more of a fast flowing river with rapids - of information, causes and ideas. Then there are all you bloggers, mainstream (main river?) media, websites and tweets. This week I have read articles on everything from feminist parenting to the 10 most defining performances in genre television.
Am I interested in too many things? Yes. Probably.

So I'm going to share some links. Because bombarding you with more "stuff" will help me feel like I've offloaded some of the burden of the constant flow of information. And then I'm going to move away from the computer and not come back until tomorrow.

So. If you are feeling down about the future? 

read this: 21 kids super kids that will save the world.
This is 13-year old inventor Richard Turere - he used broken Led flashlights to create a lighting system that tricked lions into thinking humans are patrolling the area which keeps the lions away and protects his family and livestock.

Do you doodle? Why even the presidents of the United states doodle!

(but if your doodles say "missiles! missiles! missiles" as JFK's did during the Cuban crisis then you probably have a few problems.)

If you like reading books (that are made of paper), read this gorgeous letter from Harper Lee, author of "to Kill A Mockingbird". "
Some things should happen on soft pages, not cold metal".

If you want to get lost in the wonderful weird world of knitting and crochet creations that blow your mind go here to  Pages and pages of crazy yarn work. I seem to get stuck on the knitted food. there is something so weird about woolen meat! You can submit your own creations too. I might submit my brain!

Over at Jill in a Box was this great blogtoberfest post on available -ism which gets you to thinking....

And if you  don't want to think so much any more and just look at some amazing beaded high fashion from Balmain's Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, then go here.
And what gets me about this stuff is that a group of exceptionally skilled crafts women behind the scenes have done all this work - but the designer gets the limelight.

ps. This is a great article about the plight of asylum seekers coming to Australia by Waleed Aly

okay. Move away from the computer....


  1. My husband just told me that Peter Cundall (you know, that gardener dude) said a way to live longer is "always retain an insatiable interest and curiousity about everything - except football, horseracing and fashion." You ALMOST fit the bill!

    1. Uh-oh! I think I go outside of the parametres there. Last weekend I even bet on the races!

    2. ANyway - I've moved away from the computer...almost...