Thursday, October 4, 2012

Joining My Creative Space

Seems like a good place to hang out on a Thursday - over at  my creative space . 
I'm trying it out for blogtoberfest.
Do I have a creative space? Sometimes it seems more like a tiny creative spot - or a creative crack!

Today it's all neon builders string crocheted into pieces that will eventually be necklaces. I'm adapting the original pattern and making smaller, more delicate versions - for those who only want a touch of neon rather than a huge statement piece. And I've just been trying out adding beads as well.


  1. These look wonderful. Would love to see them finished too!

  2. Yes, nice for the ladies who like a subtle touch of neon... which used to be known as flouro in my day.

    1. In my day, Dearie, it was called flouro too! Man I loved my flouro socks - green and pink. Nice with my tube skirt and mid driff t-shirt.