Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 6 Fight Dementia Challenge.

I should have realised this one was going to be hard. All the other patterns in the book have only one picture. This one had three! Such sweet looking flowers though, and the pattern was innocuously called "little flowers". How hard could it be? It was more like the "brain frying flowers of doom from the planet of crochet crushing confabulations". Or just "Doozy Daisy".

HOWEVER! After about FIVE attempts and a very concentrated reading of the pattern over and over - aloud, to the kids, to the wall, to the sky, to the visiting magpie - it all eventually fell into place like a magic puzzle. Da daaaaa!

The language of these patterns reminds me of the complexity of reading piano music - and I'm sight reading my way through. There is an element with this stitch of having to trust the pattern and follow the instructions even when they seem quite strange and from the planet of tricky tangled twine. There were all sorts of symbols and repeats. And the pattern folded back on itself and grew in a strange unconventional way, rather than row by row. At one stage I had 12 loops on my crochet hook!

This much was from only working through the five rows twice! After thinking this stitch was going to be my nemesis, I've grown to like it's prickly charms. It grows quickly (like a weed)and looks great. Worth the trouble?


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