Friday, January 6, 2012

thankyou notes

In keeping with my intention to put pen to paper more often, the younger kids and I have been making thankyou cards to post to all the aunties that sent us all a gazillion Christmas gifts.

There are many cards to download and print - here are some I found:
A bunting card
A lovely vintage inspired card
A stylish "put a bird on it" card

Ours are little more tactile...lots of's how we did it.

We made two styles - a stand up person and a person on a card.

The template for the person is from here. If you want your card to stand up, I would suggest you make the fold back a bit bigger. All that glue and hair makes them a little top heavy.
I downloaded the image and made a page of them in  Adobe illustrator then I printed the templates on cardboard.

For my kids, I pre-cut the people out because they are too young for that.

I printed a page of the the word "thankyou" on some transparency paper but I it could have just as easily been done on coloured card or white paper. 

We "dressed our person first". I used some left over print outs from the magnetic paper dolls I made before Christmas.
We also just cut shapes in felt and coloured paper. The kids love round circles for puffed sleeves and silver pipe cleaner tiaras for the ballerinas. We used a hole punch to make circle eyes but I did convince them to just draw some of the faces.

As to what to write on the card, here is a great guide to writing a thankyou note - Anatomy of thankyou notes  - thanks to krrb blog

Now off to the post office!!!


  1. You are SO creative and have such interesting projects. I enjoy visiting your blog to see what new idea you've come up with. Thank YOU!

  2. Great thank you notes! I agree that they are a very important and almost lost art. I have resolved to write more thank you notes this year and I'm encouraging my kids to do so, also. I just bought a huge pack of plain cards to get them started designing and writing their own cards.

  3. They're so happy and sweet Julianne and they take me back to something in my childhood that I can't quite put my finger on....Anyway, very clever! :)