Monday, December 19, 2011

Magnetic Paper Dolls

One Pearl Button's Magnetic Paper Dolls
I found the idea for making magnetic paper doll sets over here at one pearl button (A great blog for ideas and links!)and published in this great DIY Christmas guide here...
But of course these do not have to be magnetic. Just printing the dolls on good strong paper would make an excellent gift. Especially for older children - then they get the fun of the cutting out as well.

And when I went looking for paper dolls I found there are many amazing ones out there ready for printing out - everything from anime cartoon characters to Jane Austen characters! And even Sonia Delaunay inspired paper dolls!

Here are some links:
Teri's Paper Doll scans.
That Girl
Friends around the World
Sonia Delaunay
The Ginghams
Ziegfeld Girl
Historical Costumes

I chose "That Girl" because we used to love the show and I wanted to make these for one of my sisters.
I also made the Ginghams and Betty McCall's fifties dolls (Although I enlarged these ones before printing)

Here are my tips so you can learn from my mistakes!

1. Make sure you have printed the right costumes for your doll - there were several "That Girls" to choose from and only some outfits fit the one I chose. Oops!

2.Cut your paper shape out first not quite to the line. This way you have an easier time sticking it down on the self adhesive magnetic sheet - because once it is's stuck! Trim it after you stick.


  1. This brought back such wonderful memories of times past when I loved to play with paper dolls. They were just my favourite thing to play with ... that and fuzzy felt. They just don't seem to exist in the world of children's play anymore ..... except obviously here now I've found some. Gorgeous.

  2. Yes I loved paper dolls too! In fact - I made sets of paper dolls as part of my year 12 art work....many many moons ago.

  3. We have made these too!!!!!! Got right into it last year and now I have run out of magnetic sheet - where do you get yours from? Love your choice of dolls - so cute! Great blog too - lovely to have found you.

  4. I buy the magnetic sheets in large A3 size from ebay.