Thursday, December 15, 2011

To do list: Make a Christmas wreath....tick.

Kitsch winter wonderland Christmas wreath. Made with an old tyre from a kid's bike...

Spray painted white and covered with packing foam (from a washing machine part recently delivered!)

Little winter wonderland scene made from cardboard, felt, buttons and lace flowers. The felt figures have toothpicks glued to the backs which I could stick into the foam.

Trimmed with a frosty ribbon, a tartan ribbon bow and some sprigs of fake holly

I like it. But I may just be high on glue fumes. Baby Joe declares it is "toooooo cute".


  1. Nice work!! great re-purposing!!

    PS haven't been able to reply to your comments..your email is maybe doing weird stuff??

  2. OMG, you make such beautiful things. The wreath is beautiful and yesterday's ducks are absolutely adorable!

  3. Just blogged your wreath over here

    hope that's ok!