Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Christmas time but life goes on...

Two of my friends have recently had babies. This felt-a-bet Q is for baby I'm off to make a felt-a-bet "A" for baby Abigail, who was born the other day on her father's birthday!

Do you have some family birthdays at Christmas time? One of my sister's, Josephine, has her birthday on the 21st of December. And yes. Her name really is Josephine Mary because she was born so close to Christmas! Another sister's birthday is on the 27th and my daughter Hazel is on the 28th.

Josephine always said she had to wait longer for her birthday than anyone else. Well, time is relative and that must have been how it seemed to her after seeing six other sisters and a brother celebrating their birthdays throughout the year. Although, I think pre-Christmas birthdays are better than post. The sister on the 27th always hated “joint Christmas/ birthday presents” and really, who has the energy the day after boxing day, to whip up a cake and get all excited about a birthday? Most of us are still in recovery mode. And we were in BIG trouble if the present was wrapped in Christmas paper!!!

But really, for all their complaining, these sisters and Hazel end up getting more birthday consideration and more presents in the end. More family are around, more of us are in buying/shopping/making/posting mode and an extra present gets popped into the parcel. So I hope Quinn and Abigail will grow up enjoying their birthday celebrations amid the buzz of Christmas anticipation.


  1. My eldest sister has a birthday on the 27th too!

  2. Love your fun felt-a-bets! I have to admit that we were so fertile that we were able to plan our babies birth month and steered well clear of Dec!! ;o)