Thursday, December 15, 2011

Flight of Ducks

Well I must admit that when Liz  from Gleaners inc put out the call to crafters to get ducky and join in the "Flight of Ducks" exhibition I didn't think I'd make anything. It's such a busy time of year, and as a fellow sister outlaw said, "we need to be thinking of crackers not quackers!"

But once I had a spark of an idea and a play around, I decided I could think of something to make that was achievable in time. Here's a sneak peak!

The opening is tomorrow night. Unfortunately it clashes with a work Christmas party so I won't be able to flap about there in excitement at all the crafty ducks.

But fortunately, I have Susan Friend's Christmas party tips from 1959 to help me get ready. Apparently I just squeeze lemon juice all over myself and then sprinkle myself with sugar. For a "frosty" look.

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