Monday, October 3, 2011

Meet me at the fair!

School holidays + wet weather x snotty noses = laying about watching movies.

It's a common equation. With my eldest daughter preparing for musical theatre courses (Lord save us, the house veritably shakes when she hits those big notes)we've been revisiting some well loved old musicals.

One of our family's favourite films is, "Meet Me In St Louis" the MGM classic from 1944 directed by Vincente Minelli. Not only does it have classic songs like "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and "The Trolley Song" but it has Judy Garland singing them!

The film, set in a St Louis preparing to host the  1904 world fair, follows the lives of the Smith family throughout each season of the year. Sure - the technicolour is lush, the costumes are pretty and the songs are great, but most of all, it is the characters that warm the cockles of your heart every time. When I watch this film I cry with tears of heart ache and joy and something else I can never quite put my finger on (although I dare say I can hazard a few guesses without too many years of therapy. But lets not go there!) When the husband and wife, played by Mary Astor and Leon Ames, resolve their argument with a beautiful duet "You and I" I simply weep buckets!

Margeret O'Brien, as 5 year old Tootie certainly steals the show. Notably in the fantastic Halloween scenes.  

The family has two teenage daughters who are sometimes self indulgent and annoying, but ultimately loving and caring, a teenage boy who is off doing his own thing - but returns when it's important, a primary aged daughter and the little Tootie. Grandpa also lives in the house - or mansion I should say! Wow! What a house!
The family faces change, love, lies and learning lessons through out the four seasons and sing their way through it all. It's so unashamedly old fashioned and sweet. Who couldn't love that?

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