Monday, October 3, 2011

Blogtoberfest catch up!

Because I'm ALREADY BEHIND on day 3 of blogtoberfest (yeah! Can you believe it?) I'm doing an extra post today to make up for it.

I've just been at the sister outlaw studio space packing....wait for it....CHRISTMAS KITS!

Today we packed reindeer kits in wonderful colours - green, red, gold, purple and blue. And of course the touch of silver ric rac which all the re-sew-cool christmas kits have.

My two year old son Joe, likes to be lulled to sleep every night with talk about Christmas. His Dad has to tell him about the tinsel, the colours, the lights and the treats for Santa. With the anticipation starting already, we can imagine he will be very excited when it is eventually really December 24!


  1. Oh no not christmas already hehe Love the reindeer he is so cute!