Friday, September 23, 2011

more sneak peeks

The new re-sew-cool party pack will contain 6 individual brooch kits! Each kit has everything you need (except scissors) to make a simple flower brooch.

There are 2 designs to choose from:

or rose?

I have made these kits with grade 3 and 4 kids from the local primary school and, okay, except for the few disruptive boys(yes there are always a few...sigh), all the kids managed to make these very well - some even managed two in the class time.

The flower brooch is the perfect little craft activity for a Spring craft garden party and the girls can then wear the brooch on their party frock!

We've been cutting up some gorgeous Spring inspired greens,  yellows, purples, reds and pinks in readiness for packing....hmmm... yes and I do need to finish the cover artwork yet, don't I? Yikes! Better get to it!

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