Tuesday, September 20, 2011

crafternoon tea party

We've all been sick around here - well four of the five kids and both the grown ups. One teenager has so far resisted contamination. Her haughty-aloof-teenage-girl attitude seems to have made her immune. Impervious! Probably worth some scientific study.

We've had charts going of who has had what medicine when, been delirious with fever in turns and generally tag teaming to cope. We're through the flu tunnel now and emerging out the other side. Hooray!

Now to catch up on some work!! I'm no illustrator but I have been tinkering with photoshop and adobe illustrator to come up with a cover illustration for our new party packs. The girl is from an old Australian Home Journal magazine and I painted in the balloons. On the computer. No paint or brushes required. This is all a revelation to me! Next is playing around with the text and fonts - not my strong point...will show you when I'm done.

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