Thursday, August 25, 2011

wilful waste makes woeful want

So says the Scottish proverb. Or, if you like, more simply - waste not, want not.
 The sister outlaws hate seeing something go to waste. So in our process of recycling jumpers for our re-sew-cool kits, we have to cut out and discard the seams.  I kept thinking I could do something with them and started collecting them.

I discovered that if you hot wash them again in batches (I pop them in an old pillow slip and seal it with a rubber band so they don’t get too tangled) they come out really strong and neater in appearance. 
When my craft queen friend Sue came to visit, her eyes shone when she saw them! She suggested I could crochet them together.

Once I had this big basket of seams, I began to sew them together. As a fan of random colour combinations, I tried not to blend the colours together too much.

Yesterday I got down to the business of crocheting and I must say it was quite a physical work out to crochet this thick stuff on a big hook!I'm attempting an oval rug for the kids room.

So far so good but I think I'll unpick the last few rows and try and keep the shape more regular. The seams vary in thickness and I'm just shaping as I go. The rug is small now but I know the outlaw stash will have more many seams for me!
posted by Julianne Sister Outlaw


  1. Fantastic! I have bags and bags of seams that I have collected over years! Have been thinking of making a rug myself! Great to see what you have started. :-)

  2. I've also latch hooked a rug with the seams too Morgan - Shag pile! They do "seam" too good to throw out, excuse the pun!

  3. This is such a fantastic idea! My grandmother would be very proud of both of you!
    I have a rag rug that she made, I love looking up close at all the different fabrics and wondering what they were originally used for. :)