Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Father's day Craft

Any ideas for Father's Day? I've been looking through books and patterns...

Always popular - a string picture of a vintage car.
A ceramic flute?

This fun little book of gifts belonged to my Grandma Tum and I spied a couple of great gifts in here...

 including a crocheted spectacle case..

and what every Dad needs - a crocheted record carrier.

Perhaps you can see Dad wearing this crocheted singlet? Or is a monnogrammed hankerchief more his style?

The Dad in this house is getting a garland of these.

Crocheted chillis. Are you making something for Dad?


  1. O, I am so gonna get one of those singlets!

  2. I thought you would be more suited to that record carrier - looks cool and would come in handy too.