Friday, August 19, 2011

Thanks Shara Lambeth!

I made this using a pattern, generously posted on Shara Lambeth Designs!
I added sugar skull toggles at the request of my daughter, Hazel, who is 16. I have been crocheting these skulls lately to make ear rings so they are lying about the place in pairs. Next I'm trying the collar with pink love heart toggles, as requested by Pepper who is 4 years old and loves anything pink or sweet. Micmac, who is 18 years old, has requested a collar with cat head toggles (!) and Wanda, also 4, wants toggles crocheted to look like Jessie from Toy Story. When she saw my eyebrows rise up at that request, she looked at me and said, "Come on! It will be easy."

It took several tries to get the sugar skull pattern right. Will post the pattern and a bit of a photo tutorial later...but for now - the sun is shining!!!We're off to the creek for a picnic!


  1. Oh wow! Your collar looks amazing! I REALLY love the addition of the Sugar Skulls!!! I've been working on a skull pattern today, but not as cute as your Sugar Skulls, (mines a whopper, LOL) so it's great to see another incarnation! I'll look forward to seeing your sugar skull pattern :-) Thanks!

  2. LOVE it Julianne!!!. I was eying Shara's off the other day.
    Not being of the hooky/yarny persuasion I was never going to make my own...sob.