Tuesday, August 16, 2011

craft crime 2

"Many people tend to think rather vaguely of seeds as small round things which you push into the soil in the Spring" So says the "Golden Hands Encylopedia of Crafts". Well yes.The book then continues with "Handle them and you will begin to see their potential" Yes. Potential dinner.

Seed craft. I just don't get it. I can try to see the retro cool in the tones of browns and oranges but really, I just see lentils. I see food waste! I see bobbly dust collecting textures - I see craft crime!!!
In the case of this portrait in seeds, well I just see super creepy craft crime!
But perhaps I hadn’t considered this- practical seed craft. Well. That makes all the difference doesn’t it? Well...not really. I charge seed craft with CRAFT CRIME! What says the jury? Guilty?

posted by Julianne Sister Outlaw

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