Friday, August 12, 2011

Short term vs long term

Which do you prefer? The short term craft fling? Or the long term craft commitment?

Yes, the craft one or two night stand has certain attractions, thrills and excitements. No strings attached (unless of course it’s knitting, stitch work or crochet!)and it doesn’t infringe on your life (unless you are of course making fringing).

You can learn something new! Get a fresh idea! See the end in sight! No need to linger on it, ponder on it – just get it done and dusted! Thrilling!Feeling pretty pleased with yourself right?

But can you go past the ever faithful long term craft project? The project that, even when you have stuffed it in a cupboard or plastic tub out the back, still unfurls all its charm and promise just for you?
The craft that may require more toil but brings with it more rewards than the fleeting highs and lows of a crafternoon fling?

Working on it is like slipping on your slightly worn but most comfortable boots.

You feel the right “fit” and you start up where you left off. 

                                                                               Craft commitment has it’s challenges too –keeping your eyes on the overall goals, staving off the boredom of the domestic every day. Sometimes, so familiar, you take it for granted and don’t realise a problem can arise just a row or two into the future!

But whatever happens, you know it is there for you, for as long as it takes, for as long as you want it to take.

When the flings are all over and your tired from the roller coaster ride of learning new tricks, soaring on the heights of completion endorphins and the lows of post craft completion blues, the long term craft is there waiting. You can snuggle up for the evening and continue like you’ve never been apart.
Well, I don't know about you, but this crafter needs a bit of both!This week I have dragged out the latch hook rug made from recycling jumper seams.I started it late last year. It's for my teenage daughter’s room – but let’s face it. There’s hardly a floor space in there anyway!
It’s so relaxing to be working on something simple, methodical, deadline free and easy!
And I'm not monogamous in my long term crafting – I also have my crochet pants made up of several flower squares. 10 made so far – only 90 to go. We’ll be together for the long haul.

Images from golden hands encyclopedia of craft
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