Thursday, August 11, 2011

Donkey Daze

The other day I bought a ceramic donkey. I told my Uncle Peter that it made me think of Granny (his Mum). He laughed and laughed, thinking I was suggesting that Granny looked like a donkey.

Well....decide for yourselves...

Okay! Well you can see where Uncle Peter was coming from. Anyway! What I did mean, was that it reminded me of Granny because she had a rather crass and fun donkey cigarette dispenser which occupied me for seemingly hours of my youth (probably five minutes).
The cigarettes went in the basket on the donkey's back and when you pushed the long ears forward -  the tail lifted and a cigarette emerged! Yes! Too much fun!And it was all plastic too!
In fact, when I think about it now, Granny had quite a few crass things - lots of little ashtrays with rude cartoons on them.

I've always liked donkeys. Here are some from around the house.


And don't forget the
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made by my mum!

made by sister outlaw Lynne!

posted by Julianne sister outlaw

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