Sunday, August 14, 2011


Well I have to confess - I have an addiction. It’s starting to impact on my life. It's stopping me from leaving the house. It’s affecting my parenting. It makes me cry everyday. My teenage kids are too embarrassed to bring their friends home anymore. 
You see, I’m obsessed with Dolly Parton.
The kids say each day when they come home from school I ignore them because I’m at the computer either watching Dolly on Youtube(and shedding a tear), or I'm searching ebay for the right blonde wig.
But who can blame me? Who can ignore the purity of that voice? The open honest dimpled smile? The sharp intellect? The songwriting genius? Who can fail to be impressed that she can fingerpick the guitar with nails that long? And who could not admire the hair?

I particularly love the Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton duets. The sweet kindness in Porter’s voice combined with the soaring ease of Dolly’s harmonies and the heartbreaking hope and good nature of the songs. Well, it’s enough to bring a tear to anyone’s eye!

Yes, I have my ticket for the concert. I’ll be wearing a red spangly seventies dress with silver beading, high neck and long puffed sleeves finished off with huge cuffs. Loretta Lynne eat your heart out. I'll also be adding a big white hair piece to my short white blonde hair. You know the joke? Someone asked Dolly how long it takes to do her hair and she answered “How would I know? I’m not there when they do it!”
I’ll resist bombarding the blog with youtube videos of Dolly in her youth (although I think you should check out her first appearance on the Porter Wagoner show singing her big hit from 1967 "Dumb Blonde") but as this is a recycling focused craft blog, I have to show you this. Dolly Parton singing “"Coat of Many Colors" about her Mama making her a coat from the rags. Now. Tell me you can watch that and not weep!

What was that kids?? You're starving? Just hang on a minute... I'll be here soon, just one more song...
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  1. Forget the kids. Child Protection will fix them up! Keep those priorities sorted!