Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I felt rockin'

Here it is. The fender telecaster: The most hard working and versatile rock guitar in history. Here's a little history lesson...

Famously, when Bob Dylan  "went electric” (46 years ago almost to the day,July 25th 1965)he played a 1958 black fender telecaster and how better to cast off the shackles of folk music than with a tele?
But they don’t just come in black.
A sparkly razzle dazzle telecaster was played by Don Rich of the Buckeroos...well it was country music in the sixties and it matched the suits. BLING! Here's a bit of toe-tapping Buck Owens the Buckeroos playing, "Satan's Got To Get Along Without Me."

Jimmy Paige wrote the infamous “Stairway to Heaven” riff (bane of every guitar shop worker world wide)on this hand painted psychedelic “dragon” telecaster ... was the seventies...Check out those pants!

Chrissie Hynde had an electric blue one...well It was the eighties!

Merle Haggard is famous for playing one and these days so does Frank Black from the Pixies. We're in good company.

My all time favourite would have to be Bill Kirchen’s 1959 model with maplefretboard and Sunburst finish -all of which has been worn off by years of playing!

And you can see how he wore it off here.In this amazing performance Bill Kirchen conjures every guitar player and style imaginable.

Now that’s a hard working telecaster.
And for all you Buddy Holly Fender stratocaster fans.... here's a clasic red strat...

I’m off to try and make a sunburst telecaster....and a sparkly one...and a wood grain one...
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