Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I felt Classical

One of my daughters toyed with learning the violin in her primary school years - I say "toyed" because she NEVER practised! 

 And if there is one instrument that you have to practise, it's the violin. The paradox being that it is hard to practise because it sounds really awful when you start - but forever remains awful if you don't start! My Hazel never quite got the paradox. 

However, other Sister Outlaw children do play violin, and they even practise! Yay for Remy and Dan! Remy is studying hard for her theory exam which is coming up. This violin is for her. Hopefully it will be a good luck charm!

I used little beads for the fine tuners and scrolled the end of the neck. Need to find some smaller shank buttons for the pegs - the two big ones I put on look a bit funny!!

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