Sunday, July 24, 2011

I felt bluegrassy

I have been tinkering with a range of bag tags to dangle from instrument's the first one. A mandolin.

not sure about the strings...
Mandolins are so lovely with their twirly swirly cow lick.

You don't get any better mandolin playing than Mr Bill Monroe - this is a clip with his Bluegrass Boys. And here, as a very old man, he plays a moving solo rendition of "My Last Days on Earth". Nothing like the mandolin to pull the heart strings taut to the point of breaking.

posted by Julianne Sister outlaw

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  1. The mandolin is gorgeous Julianne and I think it would look sweet hanging from any sort of case or bag!
    Your little girl Pep is very lucky to have such a beautiful dress. I love vintage patterns too...and Liberty. :)
    Thank you for buying my cards! They will be off to you tomorrow.
    Rug up!