Friday, July 22, 2011

New clothes, old pattern

This old pattern was irresistible. The name written on the battered cover is partly torn off, but I can make out the word "Leongatha" so I'm guessing it came from Grandma, to my Mum and now me.
Perfect size for my little girl Pep, so I gave it a whirl.

The fabric is a stretch cotton from Rathdown Remnants.

The collar and cuffs were a challenge. I made the tie bow but Pep didn't want it. I think it made her a bit claustrophobic.

Looks like Pep has got into the mood and adopted the illustration's wistful-sad-1960's-child-model-look.
But at least she doesn't look evil like the middle child in the illustration. Whoa! Creepy!I dare you to click on the picture and have a close up look!! The child looks as if she's about to murder her mother!

For anyone interested it's McCalls pattern 7947

And Wanda didn't miss out. She got a Jessie skirt from cowprint corduroy - which unfortunately turned pink in the wash and now she refuses to wear it...I'll be whipping up another one I guess!

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