Thursday, June 16, 2011

word games

S&A are finally stuffed! That's the felt-a-bet letters, "S&A", not my friends, S & A, who they are for! (S&A - you know who you are so avert your eyes! They will be in the post this afternoon)The "A" is reversable, purple or green, depending on your mood, A.
I've also made the first initial of each of the twins, a "P" and a "W". Here is Pepper peeking through her P. She sleeps with her "P" everynight.

Well now that I had a few felt-a-bet letters, I couldn't resist a word game. I've always been a fan of boggle (although not recently because I'm really sick of picking up the cubes or rescuing them from Baby Joe's mouth!) and I love scrabble - but I have no willing competitors here at my place.  Here are all the words I could think of - and yes okay it IS cheating a little to use the "W" as a "M".

I'm also a big nerdy fan of the SBS quiz show "Letters and Numbers" 6pm week nights - not that I get to watch it very often. But I have convinced a friend to apply to go on it!

Felt-a-bet letters are all made from recycled wool felt and even stuffed with the scraps. They may even make it into re-sew-cool kit form soon...
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  1. I just realise that if I can cheat with turning the "W" upside down to be "M" then I can turn the "P" to be a "d" - then I could have SAd,MAd, WAdS and dAMS. D'oh!

  2. Aaarghhhhh! I woke in the night realising that if I can turn the "P" to be a "d" then I can turn the "d" to be a "b" and make "SWAb" and "bAM". Really need a good game of scrabble to get word games out of my system!!!