Sunday, June 26, 2011

Test Pattern

I'm writing this on behalf of Lynne who is recovering in hospital. She may add to this when she feels up to it. She is far more eloquent than me!!!

Here is Lynne's most amazing television hot water bottle cover!!!In Lynne's Words describing her design ...

"Transplant as a metaphor for colour returning into a life. So I'm making an old TV - one each side, but with one black and white test pattern and the other side colour test pattern."

Isn't there a lovely nostalgic tug at the heart strings to seeing a test pattern? I'm taken back to cold mornings as a child drinking warm milk, the clear soft wintry sunlight, particular to north east Victoria, streaming in the front window.   And a television with knobs! Remember those? Ours was always going wobbly and scrolling and we were having to reach in behind it, where the television would be hot, and carefully adjust the horizontal hold!

Lynne and her family know all about the transformative power of transplants too. Their  gorgeous daughter Rose received a life saving liver transplant as a toddler and Lynne and family have been very active in raising awareness for organ donation and with supporting the Royal Children's Hospital.

It's funny that we don't have test patterns anymore. Once, there were times when there was nothing on tv, so we had a test pattern. Now, all the time, there is nothing on tv - but we have no test pattern.

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As with other re-sew-cool creations, Lynne has used recycling jumpers to create her amazing old television.

posted by Julianne Sisteroutlaw


  1. Such a beautiful meaning behind this Hottie. I'm so happy that you were able to join in and celebrate Rose!

  2. I love this hottie cover, it's fantastic!! Love Posie

  3. This is absolutely amazing! SO clever and I adore the sentiment behind it. Health and happiness your Rose:)