Monday, October 5, 2015

Think Pink!

I know, I know, you were expecting frocks! It's FROCKTOBER - a terrific initiative for raising money for the Ovarian Cancer Foundation AND a great way to raise awareness about the symptoms of ovarian cancer. I frocked 'til I dropped last year but am giving you all a rest from seeing me, me, me on your screens. I encourage you all to follow a frocker or two though and cheer and donate a-plenty!

All I've got for you for the new month of October is new's's's making me feel pretty refreshed.

Winter was hard. I found it hard. But suddenly, in a strange typical Melbourne way, it's a hot 35 degrees today and we've gone from being covered from head to toes in puffer jackets scarves, beanies and boots to getting out in strappy dresses. All very confronting! Skin! Pale skin! Legs!  Hairy legs! Body bits! Wobbly body bits! Yikes-a-rama!

Here's a pensive me thinking, "Is my beehive really high enough or could I make it higher???"

Do you like how I matched my earrings to the lime tree? Sooooo stylish! 


  1. You are GORGEOUS! I'd say your beehive is the perfect height. I'm so glad you are able to bust out the body bits to suck up some sunshine after your nasty winter. Hurrah! Your hair is a perfect celebration.

  2. Spring is coming for you, enjoy! and well done on being the perfect anecdote to winter X