Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Poncho for all Seasons!

I declare that 2015 has been my year of the poncho.

With the seasons changing and finally a glimmer of sunshine on our horizon I asked myself,

"Julianne, how do you plan to incorporate a poncho into your Summer wardrobe?"

"Well, Julianne," I answered myself, "With a vintage towel beach poncho OF COURSE!" D'uh!"

 Two matching "palm beach" vintage towels at Savers the other day were exactly what I needed. A  pair for $2.99!

Fortunately, I had the trusty "Golden Hands Encyclopedia of Craft" poncho instructions at the ready...
The towels were a lot larger than the size in Golden Hands.  I cut some of the length but kept the width so it's a large coverall for the beach. I included the darts too as suggested in the book.

In one crafternoon I made it, finishing it off with some fringing. So simple!
Now...where's the sun?


  1. Beautiful! I especially like how you've added the fringe. I would say you have excellent photo editing skills if I didn't know already that you were actually in these places for real.

    1. Ha! The truth is I was out in the back yard in my knickers and poncho and of course there was a knock at the door in the middle of the photo experiment and I had to pretend I wasn't home!!

  2. What a lovely idea, I must raid my old towel cupboard at once and shamelessly copy you.

  3. Behold, the Poncho of Destiny! Even after all this time your creativity does not cease to amaze. Excellent poncho.

    1. Ooh magic poncho of destiny could take me places like a magic carpet.