Monday, June 22, 2015

Recycled Inner tube necklaces

These are made to order. It was good to dig out the rubber again and have a play.(Does that sound slightly sordid?)
This one is simple. Cut a length of tube on the curve.

Cut bottom edge and wash inside and out.
When it's dry, stitch a casing along with the sewing machine.
Then with scissors carefully cut fringing.
Thread chain through the casing to the length you want.

This one is a bit more complicated with tassels and jump rings but not too tricky because I'm not very good with jewellery stuff - pliers and the like - and I managed to make it! 


  1. You are a natural with rubber.
    Sordid? What on earth are you talking about? What could be sordid about rubber and playtime? I don't understand. I have never had sordid thoughts in my life. I don't even know what they are. Heh.
    Awesome necklaces. Brilliant ideas. I just threw away a couple of bike tires. Doh!

  2. They look super Julianne

    1. Thanks! I still haven't made one for myself yet!