Monday, June 15, 2015

an UN-TUTORIAL for pom pom head piece

Do you like my pom pom head piece? Or do I just look like my woolly brain is exploding from my head (yes I feel like my brain IS made of fluffy pom poms sometimes..)

Here's how I made it  - although it's so basic I'm not sure I should even be giving instructions. It's an untutorial!
You will need:
 scraps of wool
a trusty pom pom maker
 and a hair comb.
1. make pom poms I made two different sizes and I also made a heap of them so I can do different colour combinations.
2. Use the wool around the centre of the pom pom to tie to the thick end part of a hair comb.
3. Stick it in your hair

It makes a good change from flowers...and it's woolly and warm for winter.


  1. I'll swear! You look fabulous in everything.

  2. I know my brain is often made of pom poms. Are we related?
    It's much better to have an exploding pom-pom head than an imploding one. I like how you use them as winter wear. They look amazing with your hair.

    1. Thanks Mel - I'm a bit sick od psychedelic sunset though....need a new colour for my hair.