Wednesday, October 22, 2014

frocktober Day 22 A Wordy Day

TODAY'S PHOTOS BY JOE (age 5) and PEPPER (age 7)

Yesterday was a wordy day. I wore this '50's cotton frock with matching bolero. What would you call that? An ensemble? This is another gift from my Tasmanian friend Sue (and yeah - I bet you wish she was your friend too! Because generosity isn't even the half of it! She can make bread. And beer. And build houses....)

This "ensemble" is a real classic outfit. The label is "Cole of California". I love how it has such a buttressed bust - a veritable constructed shelf - even when it's empty like when I wear it!!!!Impressive!

I wore it to the school library where Joe and I volunteer to shelve books. Yesterday we sat and read some books too. Joe took my photo!
Joe brought his pen and paper and asked beseechingly, "could you teach me how to write every word in the world in little writing?" Together we wrote a story about our recent visit to the National Gallery of Victoria where we rode a gold carousel. Joe's story also went into much detail about sushi.

It was a good warm up for the evening's  writing workshop at the Coburg Library with author Paddy O'Reilly which she described as a gym class for exercising our writing muscles. Can't recommend these workshops highly enough. There's something wonderful and mining the brain, forcing yourself to try harder, think about things you wouldn't normally think about - lifting those word weights harder!  Higher! More reps! I left with all my senses heightened!

Thank youse need to go out to Reggie and Shara for their wonderful support and donations yesterday. There's still NINE DAYS TO GO! Remember -if you would like to buy either a brooch craft kit pack or a bag-tag craft kit pack with your donation, just leave a message.
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  1. OMG, these incredible frocks this month are making me HYPERVENTILATE!