Thursday, October 23, 2014

Frocktober 23 Frocktabularse Guest Frocker!!!!

I know right! You get a rest from gawping at my awkward poses and get the delightful Helga Von Trollop  from New Zealand instead! We both have a penchant for square dancing frocks, coloured tights and shoes but Helga turns it into a "fecking" art form! My children are in love with her and wish she was their Aunty. I'll be sending them over Helga!

And how about her expertise at poses - yes I could learn a thing or two. She can be forthright then demure....
 and even dance moves. Her frocktabularse blog is always a sight for sore eyes so if youse don't all follow her then youse are lagging behind.
 And Helga has provided some sage advice here ladies on how to look after yourself!

" Ladies, it's crucial to twirl your way into the gyno regular like, hop up on up on the table and spread your pretty legs so that your lady parts are well looked after!
Ovarian cancer is no laughing matter, and your loved ones will be grateful to you for keeping a special eye on your womanly health!"

And just an update on ovarian cancer research, read this article on how scientists discovered that tampons can contain DNA from an ovarian tumors and this could lead to an early detection test. Great news.

And just to prove I did frock I am today. i felt a bit like Patsy from Ab Fab. 

I even had a hangover thanks to drinking too many negroni's at the bar last night. Or should that be "negroaaaanies"?

Remember that your donations go directly towards research into ovarian cancer. Donate HERE! And if you would like a craft kit pack or mexican goodies pack with your donation just leave a message! BIG THANKS to my sister Kelly's (ahem veterans) hockey team for donating (if she's in a veteran team that make ME OLD!) and to the Parzacs, Valentina and Saro!


  1. The new dress from the posh op shop! Love it! Thanks for the donation. x