Friday, October 17, 2014

Frocktober Day 17 Tiptoe through the Tulips

Donna over at Hung Up On Retro writes hilarious posts with photos from the past that fry your brain and sometimes give you nightmares. Her Freaky Friday post today was Tiny Tim wearing gold books, blue spangled suit and wielding a silver ukulele. I used to LOVE Tiny Tim. Me and my best friend would listen to that Loony Tunes album over and over and I just loved that crazy falsetto and tinkling uke. So today I'm posing with my silver uke to show Donna. Thank for the donation too Donna!

The frock is op shopped and a bit square dancey again. Although for the highlight of square dancing frocks you must check out Helga Von Trollop's blog post today!
This one has coffee lace trim and is quite subdued for me but if you look closely the floral print is yellow orange pale blue and bright green.

A friend (and donator - Thanks Karen!) told me yesterday that she thought my posing was getting better... That's nice to hear because I still feel like a right jerk in front of the camera. Hope you like the posey poses today. Look Karen! I even climbed the apple tree!

And remember, if you can, donate to frocktober. Still some time to go! I realise many of us need to budget for these things. No donation is too small. The money goes to ovarian cancer research. Donate here.... or I might start playing the uke and yodelling.


  1. Your silver uke! I'm so impressed. Tiny Tim had nothing on you. Equally impressed with the apple tree pose. Another fabulous frock.xx

    1. Ps. Thanks for the link. Played my uke with my sister today and thought of you...and Tiny Tim...
      My sister plays guitar. We managed to butcher everything we played and sang from elvis to crowded house. But we had fun! Congrats again on Frocktober. Xx

    2. The uke is a wonderfully cheerful instrument Donna! I'm sure you and your sister sounded terrific.

  2. Your smile (and today's frock) is beautiful J!