Saturday, October 18, 2014

Frocktober 18 - An epic op shop adventure!

It was epic! We started at 10 am and didn't stop for a drink, food or toilet break until 5.30 pm. Yeah. Epic!
My good friends Sal and Leanne  (both not frock wearers!) took ourselves to the well heeled part of town to raid their op shops. We  are well matched with our stamina and shopped til we finally the pub for a drink! Here I am, the weary shopper returns!

I wore my flouncy 70's prairie style dress. And can I just say - for a big shop like this you need to be prepared. Comfy shoes and a slip for getting changed!
I got a huge haul - head piece (you will see soon!), cardies, frocks, skirt, ear rings, necklace and SHORTS! Yes! SHORTS! I'll be wearing pants for a month after this! The frock above is an eighties fitted number with bright trim and bows on the sleeves....
and I can NEVER resist an islander moo moo  dress!!!! I did resist the sequin number below however...

 and this disco pink frock.
But it wasn't all fun and frocks. Leanne told me about a friend of a friend who is only 32 years old. She was out running one day when she felt a pressure in her lower abdomen and a strong urge to wee. She was diagnosed shortly after with ovarian cancer and she was already at the palliative stage. That's why all the frocktoberers are raising money - to find a way to detect this insidious killer disease in the early stages and save lives.

If you can spare a dollar or too, donate here.

And thanks to Jac who did just that!


  1. I wish I could go op-shopping with you Julianne.
    Exactly where is the well-heeled part of town?

    (so sorry to hear about Leanne's friend. Stories like hers make the decision to donate to Frocktober a no-brainer)

    1. Wish you could shop with me too Kylie! I did keep my eye out for paint by numbers and other "Kylie" things. Saw some good mid century prints - already regret not getting one I spied. And you're right about donating to ovarian cancer research. A no-brainer.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes it was amazing - and I resisted it Vicki! If I was 10 years younger.....

  3. Love the one with the colour trim on the sleeves.

    1. Oh so do I! The colour combo of hot pink, aqua, orange and yellow! Sooooo 80's!!!