Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May playlist

Wearing: Beehive and plait with Big ( with a capital "B") skirt, hoop petticoat and a shawl wrapped around my hips for extra warmth.
Making: little girl's crochet dress from a vintage pattern. I've changed the stripe because I had several balls of 5 ply wool and thought stripey would be fun. The dress is made from the top down so I can add rows as the girls get  taller!

Watching: "Matewan" a 1987 film by John Sayles - in fact I'm having a John Sayles retrospective festival at my house. I love his films! Next up is "Lone Star" with , and

Which brings me to...

Listening: bbc documentary about Kris Kristofferson, narrated by Steve Earle. I had the privilege of seeing Kris Kristofferson play live last month in Melbourne and a damn right privilege it was. At 77 years old he may not be as nimble on the finger picking or as melodic on the vocals but his songs break your heart. And he sang those songs one after another without barely a word in between  - he stopped to blow his nose at one stage and said "I bet you're all glad you paid so much money to see an old fart blow his nose".
It was like being told a generous bedtime story in song. And he came all this way to sing it to us. Amazing. He was just a beautiful man to see and to listen to.


  1. Entertaining post as always. You have such a way with words. I love your outfits and your pink hair. My husband and I are on a "Breaking Bad" marathon lately. We just found out about this show which is already entering it's 6th season but we're enjoying it. Love the little crochet dress too and what a great idea to add rows as your child grows. Nice to see you enjoying life!

  2. I can't say I have ever been a Kris K fan, but you have opened my eyes, as you so often do.