Wednesday, May 14, 2014

free crochet pattern round up! Ponchos and capes!

It's getting chilly round these parts and I want a crocheted poncho or cape. I had a cape a few years ago but it looked so much better on my teenage daughter that I relinquished it to her wardrobe. So now I've been searching for free patterns to make a replacement one and here are the best I have found.
For groovy girls this on can be found here but I should warn you that the site is full of fantastic vintage patterns and you may be distracted for some time....

For example, from the same website! What says GLAMOUR more than a FABULOUS poncho with MATCHING pants????  Your link to looking like this is only a CLICK away....

And while we are on that website - did you ever consider the versatile nature of a poncho (I know I have!) It can be a poncho....or a skirt! You could probably even wear it on your head!

Here is the pattern for this glorious pineapple lace poncho/skirt

Here's more for the little girls. This Little Red Riding Hood capelet is upping the cute factor somewhat. The pattern can be downloaded for free from Red heart
And this cape "for a princess" is also from red heart - download and print! I do love a cape with a collar. For a short cape or "capelet" I like this one.
This ripple pattern capelet could be made in chevron stripes for a more modern look and the pattern is from Suzie's Yarnie Stuff Blog

I'm thinking of making this one with the matching beret. Pattern can be found here on all crafts blog.

For some quick short capes and ponchos look no further than the free patterns on Lion Brand. You do have to register to get the patterns. Here are some of my favourites I found there.

 The "round yoke poncho" Pattern #: L10716

 The "Split collar capelet" Pattern #: L32421

For all you Australian crochet people you will need to convert the pattern.  Here are all the conversions you should need! Get hooking! 

Here is a hook conversion table:

Crochet Hook Conversion Chart
MetricUSA  UK  
2.00 mm - 14
2.25 mm1 / B13
2.50 mm-12
2.75 mmC11
3.00 mm - 11
3.25 mmD10
3.50 mm4 / E9
3.75 mmF-
4.00 mm68
4.25 mmG-
4.50 mm77
5.00 mm8 / H6
5.50 mm9 / I5
6.00 mm10 / J4
6.50 mm10 1/2 / K3
7.00 mm-2
8.00 mm-0
9.00 mm15 / N 00
10.00 mm P 000
15.75 mm or 16mm Q -
Steel Hook Chart (thread hooks)
MetricUSA UK 
.6 mm146
.75 mm13-
.70 mm125
.8 mm11-
1 mm104
1.15 mm9-
1.25 mm83
1.50 mm72.5
1.6 mm6-
1.7 mm5-
1.75 mm42
1.85 mm3-
1.95 mm2-
2 mm11
2.25 mm000
3 mm00-

Here is a stitch conversion table:
single crochet (sc)double crochet (dc)
double crochet (dc)treble (tr)
half double crochet (hdc)half treble (htr)
triple crochet (trc)double treble (dtr)
slip stitch (sl st)slip stitch (sl st)

And here are some tips for wool weight conversions. Worsted weight translates to Australian 10 ply. DK weight is 8 ply and Sports weight is 5 ply.  

Standard Yarn Weight SystemNm (length per mass, SI (International System of Units))Yarn Type (US)Ply (UK, NZ, AU)[3]m/100gWraps Per Inch (WPI)[3]needles / circulars recommended, mm
0 or Lace6 - 8Thread, Cobweb and Lace1 - 3 ply600-80018+ wpi1.5 - 2.5
1 or Superfine4 - 6Fingering, Sock4 ply400-48014 wpi2 - 3
2 or Fine3 - 4Sport5 ply300-40012 wpi3 - 4
3 or Light2.4 - 3DK8 ply240-30011 wpi4 - 4.5
4 or Medium1.2 - 2.4Worsted10 ply120-2409 wpi4.5 - 5.5
5 or Bulky1 - 1.3Bulky12 ply100-1307 wpi5.5 - 8
6 or Super Bulky>1Super Bulky
Less than 1005-6 wpi>8


  1. These are awesome! I'm going to look through my stash RIGHT NOW

    1. Ooh let's be caped crusaders together K! I've started mine in vintage wool - PURPLE! The sort of vintage purple you can't get now. Might be too much PURPLE with my hair but I think I'll change my hair soon anyway!

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