Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March playlist

 A new month has dawned!
Here's what I'm up to, in general, some of the time, this month...

Making: Many things for our school fete!* Every scrap of fabric is being whipped up into peasant dresses and tops!

Reading:  "The Secret River" by Kate Grenville  - for my new book club! I've joined a little book club comprising of a few mothers from the school. Kate Grenville is an acclaimed Australian author and this should be a cracker of a book to kick things off with and one I have wanted to read for some time.

Listening to: Latest Mavis Staples album

Watching : True Detective (isn't everyone??)

Wearing: tennis dresses...

....on the court - for ladies tennis!

*there will be more posts on the school fete making in due course!!!


  1. I love those little smocks Julianne (how big can you make 'em?) and I LOVE that blue door knob too.
    I'm trying to imagine what someone like you wears to play tennis in. Frilly panties under a short little tunic??? Please don't tell me you wear shorts and a tee - I'll be terribly disappointed ;)
    I need to read more, I used to be such an avid reader. Now all I read are decorating/design books which are starting to bore me cause they're all pretty much the same...what happened to originality?
    I've never heard of The True Detective (or Mavis Staples for that matter!), but I did watch Janet King on the ABC last week and loved it.
    Off to check out Mavis on u tube. See ya x

    1. I'm SUCH a fashion victim Kylie that the biggest hurdle for tennis has not been that I haven't got a racquet and haven't played for over 20 years, it has been WHAT TO WEAR?? And yep - I've got some spiffy vintage tennis dresses and some high waisted white shorts and little blouses. All that fuss - and I get whipped every week by a lady 20 years my senior!