Friday, February 28, 2014

Camels are the new donkeys (foxes, owls...whatever..)

 You heard it here first! Camels are the new donkeys.... Well I made that up. But why not? Why can't I be the arbiter of international style trends? I'll put it out there and see what happens....and if you start seeing camels everywhere.......... then remember you heard it here first!

I've been playing with camels for the Materialized exhibition at Gleaners inc - part of the cultural program at the Melbourne Fashion Festival.

For this exhibition, Liz Jones, curator, and hostess with the mostess (and all round creative maker of all things in recycled linoleum) gives each participant a swatch from the same fabric.  Here it is!
You can use it (or in my case, lose it!D'oh!)in any manner - for inspiration, colour, pattern, incorporated into your piece or not.

Word was going out that it was a bit Morroccan or Arabic in design and I started thinking about how we as westerners interpret other cultures through our very "white" western lens...about our sense of what is exotic?

So I wanted to use very common craft techniques and materials - crochet and tapestry - to make "exotic" emblems....and I thought about the camel....and then added that other "exotic" cliche...
...the pineapple! 

Then I kept going....

Because camels and pineapples go together like...well....camels and pineapples.
Materialized exhibition is at Gleaners Inc,2 Ballarat St. Brunswick. Opens 7th of March and runs through to the 23rd. 


  1. You forgot wolves Julianne. I'm seeing a lot of them around the place at the mo ;)
    I love your ode to the "ships of the desert". Tres exotique!
    I think you've started something...x

    1. Well I love inciting craft trends! Yes wolves are around...and flamingos...and badgers. Badgers are popping up!

  2. These are totally glorious Julianne! Love them! And of course need one desperately now...

    1. Thanks Kasia, yarn bombing expert that you are!

  3. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE them Julianne -- they're crazy and beautiful. I love how you have interpreted the theme by questioning what "exotic" means, and then answering it in the most kitsch and gorgeous way!!! The tea cosy to end all tea cosies.

  4. Yep. Camels and pineapples are clearly made to go together as decorative motifs, and the fluffy pom-pom action on the camel humps is an inspired addition.

    These are so much fun. Indeed you may well have started a thing here. No doubt all the young dudes will be sporting camel and pineapple tattoos before long.

    1. Ooh - camel and pineapple tattoos! That would be hilarious and the ultimate in exotic!!!