Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sticking with my Ellen Giggenbach Wall Decals

Recently I had a bit of splurge at Ellen Giggenbach's Etsy store. I told myself I was buying Christmas presents....for others....but I bought these too. Then I conveniently blocked it from my memory and was very excited when I opened the parcel and saw there was a present for ME!

I'm a big fan of Ms Giggenbach's paper cut art and feel very privileged to have some on the wall in the children's room. Her work has a lovely graphic slick look with the added playfulness of the 1960's. It's whimsical and stylish. I had too much fun putting stickers on the wall. They match with the stickers the kids put EVERYWHERE!

Check out Ellen Giggenbach's blog where you can explore more of her work (and envy her op shop finds! Those New Zealand op shops!  I need a trip just to shop!) and her etsy store here.


  1. These wall decals are gorgeous!! So bright and colourful. Love love love.

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