Monday, December 23, 2013

Clean the house like it's someone else's

I used to work cleaning houses. And I prided myself in doing a great job! Every now and then I look at the house and say to myself,

"Julianne, it's time to clean this house like it's someone else's."

Today is that day...............although the dirty mirror does give a nice soft focus filter, doesn't it? And yep...I'm procrastinating....can't believe it's come to this....I'm blogging about cleaning....must be the end of the year...okay I'm going now....really...I will clean the house...really! Like it's someone else's...hmmm.....


  1. Damn. Just commented but it got swallowed up so sorry if reposting.
    Anyhoot, was saying I went nuts in an outdoor bathroom on Sunday. Hadn't planned to clean it but once I was there I just had to clean it good. It was a mess and had been for months. Now it sparkles.

    1. Well Katie I think the tile in the bathroom are now a different colour! I even scrubbed the ceiling fan in the kitchen. I'm ready for Santa now!