Wednesday, August 7, 2013

EASY recycled jumper beanie tutorial!

My daughter Mattie looks GREAT in a beanie!See?
In fact, everyone this Winter in Melbourne seems to be able to rock the beanie....except me. I look super STOOOOPID in a beanie. Sigh.
But I love making them and selling them at  markets - just don't ask me to model one.

I've been experimenting with recycling jumpers into beanies and here is how I do it.

First - work out your size. Measure your head circumference or check out this hat size chart with all the information you need. Make sure you have a jumper that the front or back is big enough for the measurement for a one seam style OR halve the measurement and cut two pieces from the front and back of the jumper - you can even use the existing jumper seam as a side seam in your beanie.
With the jumper band at the bottom, cut a rectangle the length of the circumference and 22 cm or 8 and 1/2 inches in height.  This jumper was quite damaged so I had to make a small beanie.
Sew the seam together with a straight stitch then bind the edge with a close zigzag. I find over locking destroys the straight egde - as does zig zagging first.

Again, using a close zig-zag, bind the top edge to prevent unraveling.

Now to finish. With a needle and thread (and the beanie inside out) join opposite sides together, halving the gap then halving again. Keep going with joining the top like this until it is sealed.

Turn the right way and add a pom pom. I used a contrasting colour but sometimes it is possible to unpick the jumper you are using to make a matching pom pom.
For a cable knit jumper beanie:
For matching front and back and two side seams, halve the head circumference measurement and cut two matching pieces.
Sew side seams first then join up the top in the same way.

*Oh and don't forget the sleeves - mini baby beanies can be made from jumper sleeves!


  1. Your daughter is beautiful!! And sure does rock a beanie. I'm with you however, and can't wear a beanie at all. I have a tiny pinhead and look utterly ridiculous in them - in any hat really. Some heads are just not made for headwear! : )

  2. Great beanies -- so THAT'S how you get the top section looking so neat -- thank you!

    I love beanies too but look absolutely horrid in them, though I find it very hard to believe that you would.

    Loving the Mexican jacket - magnificent.