Thursday, March 21, 2013

crochet pot plant covers

A good way to brighten up plain terracotta pots. I'm making these for the school fete. A group got together and made some neon macrame hanging pots as well. To be honest - I found it easier to stick with crochet. 

Merri Creek Primary School fete is this Saturday, the 23rd of March from 10 am at  Miller Street North Fitzroy. See you there.

Joining in with my creative space here....


  1. love it! im a bit fete mad so i may just pop over on saturday.hope u have good weather!

  2. Nice idea and your covers make the terracotta pots look pretty!

  3. I love these! They look so great.

  4. I love these too. Any chance of buying a few?
    (I'm in the West so I can't make your fete, but I'd be happy to pay postage)
    We used to walk our dogs along Merri Creek when we lived in Melbourne.

    1. What colour do you like Kylie? these ones are for the 10 cm little pots. I'm happy to make some more!