Wednesday, February 13, 2013

last minute lace love heart stamps!

Okay – so how many hours until Valentine’s day?

Yes - it's me – doing last minute craft….AGAIN! When will I learn? But maybe you need some last minute inspiration and ideas too? Or you can tuck the idea away for another time. Next year. It comes around fast enough.

Using mostly recycled materials I’ve made some last minute love heart lace stamps. Here's how:

Look at the doilies and find bits that would fit together to be a love heart. The scalloped edgings are great for the top of the heart. Any square or rectangle doilies have corner bits that work for the point. Don’t worry about gaps in the puzzle. It still works.

I only had two bits of wood blocks left over from the skirting boards at our house. I also used box lids.

For the stamping I used acrylic paint. Because that's what I had. I added a bit of water too.
I placed the paper* on top of the stamp and pressed down.
Add any extra designs with a sharpie or other stamps. i had some letter stamps.If you are still making something for your Valentine, may the Saint be with you and enjoy! Is there anything better than making something homemade for your loved ones?

*I love this paper that my Mum made from recycled paper. She passed away almost two years ago and this is pretty much the last of her paper I have left.


  1. I love everything about this project. I love your mother's paper and your designs. How creative you are! Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!

  2. Wow, fab idea and I love the effect.......obviously you inherited the craft gene from your mum.
    How wonderful to be using paper she made...

    Claire :}

  3. oooo!!!i love this so much! what a great, cute, thrifty and unique idea!

    im sure i will be "borrowing" your fabulousness (is that a word!?) at some point.


    (mezz makes stuff)