Friday, November 2, 2012

Silhouette profile portraits

I finally managed to get a photo of daughter number 2 so I have now finished the apples of my eye project I started last week...a shadow/silhouette profile portrait of each of my five children in little wooden apples, hanging on my wall.

Here is how to make a silhouette profile portrait.

You will need: 
digital camera
photo editing software
coloured paper
pva glue/craft glue

1. Take photo in profile  - preferably on a plain background.



2.Re-size the photo according to your frame (I had these little wooden apple coasters).
I used photoshop to re-size the photos.


3.Turn your image black and white and up the contrast - again I did this in photos shop but you could use pic monkey or other photo editing software.

4. Print your images - I put all the images onto one page and duplicated them to allow for cutting mistakes.

5. CAREFULLY cut out the profile (this was tricky because my images were really small! So I made sure I had spares)

6. If necessary, cut the background to fit the frame. I used a primed painting canvas.

7.Glue the paper profile, plain side up,  to background with pva glue.

8. When the glue was dry I pressed each one with the iron on low to make sure they were really flat.

9. Frame it - For me, this step involved using glue to stick the little images to   the wooden coasters.

9. Hang them on the wall!

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  1. What a cute idea. You consistently come up with new and ingenious projects. Thanks for the tutorial.