Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas crazy - keeping it eco

Have you been feeling it? The itch in your hip pocket? A longing to delve in and be part of the tinsel-shimmering-bling-blinding buying? I know I have.

We're bombarded with ideas and images of the perfect Christmas - from endless catalogues, blogs and magazines - and there is no doubt it leads to the same end;consumerism. Suddenly we desire a new colour scheme of ornaments, a new wreath - and then there is the wrapping embellishments, cards, tags etc - it's endless!!!
I'm trying to come up with low cost and low carbon footprint ideas for Christmas fun. And while I acknowledge I have the benefit of a large supply of craft staples and tools, I still think it's possible to keep it eco.
For that winter wonderland magic turn your freezer bags into snowball pom poms.
Roll 2 plastic bags up from bottom to top and cut into strips about 1 cm wide. I then used a 5.5cm pom pom maker to make these very fluffy snowy pom poms. 
These would look great on a tree or as a garland or even a wreath...."let it snow, let it snow, let it snow"....is it too early for Christmas Carols? Yeah...it is. I know.


  1. Hi, I hope you do more posts like this. Achievable and 'real' Chrissy decs. Still nice, but not too fancy-schmancy. Cheap, but not tacky. Stuff you don't need an A+ in crafting or a degree in design to make. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Kylie - They have to be pretty easy to make for me to make them in the first place!!

    2. For three years now I've said "I'm not doing Christmas!" But I always do. This year I am calling it ChristMESS. Yes, I'm the Grinch. But I love your snowball poms poms.

  2. Awww that reminds me of my Nana. She used to make shopping bag christmas wreaths at the nursing home!