Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Advent calendar ideas

I'm going to make an advent calendar today.
Why? Well I know there is lots to do at Christmas, but I really like advent calendars. 
I like that they build the anticipation. The count down to Christmas. Tick off the days.
And they are great for kids to get their head around how many sleeps until Christmas.
Maybe if I have an advent calendar the kids will stop asking that?

So here are some ideas I've found....
 Get folding -Origami Calendar from
 homemade gifts made easy

Magnetic round tins from Twig and Thistle

 Heaps of ideas with stationary from Omiyage

 And I love this woodland scene calendar from decoideas
 These would take some time to make but they look great and would be fun! Mini pinatas!
From gingerbread snowflakes
Simple series of paper cones - good one for the kids to make!Find out more at ikat bag

This interactive block puzzle one is fantastic! From kidspot New Zealand I love the way a picture appears as it gets closer to Christmas!

And I like how quick this one is! A big lucky dip grab box! From studio diy

So I'd better get making.


  1. Im a sucker for advent calanders too, but i havent seen any of those ones before. Im torn between the woodland scene and the origami...ive taken part in an advent swap this year, and my 25(!) parcels arrived this morning from my swap partner. To say im excited would be a massive understatement-only 3 slleps until first opening lol! X

    1. I read about your swap - 25 parcels is HEAPS isn't it? That's the thing with advent calendars- 25 things is quite a bit of work. I loke the woodland scene too....and the puzzle blocks.

  2. I smell a Pinterest board in the making...

    1. Yes - this is exactly what pinterest is for huh?!!


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